Heavy Lift Drones

Our Heavy Lift cinema drones are designed to operate safely in the most challenging conditions with a high payload.
Our goal is to offer DOP’s limitless cinematic aerial shots, always providing the best possible footage with the most optimal camera setup without any constraints. Skymotion has been capturing drone footage with ARRI Alexa and RED cameras for years. These video productions are carried out using our fully European certified drones called the Freefly Alta X and the Cinestar drones. With each drone, we can achieve a total MTOM (Maximum Take Off Mass) of 25KG, allowing us to use a complete camera setup that aligns with the rest of the film production.

alta x

Freefly Alta X

The Freefly Alta X is currently the largest drone in our fleet. Equipped with the Movi Pro stabilized gimbal with remote FIZ control, this drone is designed to operate safely in the most challenging conditions. 

Most cameras and lenses are compatible with this system, including the Arri Alexa Mini LF, RED Helium, Hawk V-lite, Arri Master Anamorphics, Leica Summilux, and Cooke S4i.”



Our Cinestar drone has a smaller diameter than the Alta X, making it better suited for ‘Catch & Throw’ shots. The Cinestar is equipped with a modified MoVI M10 stabilized gimbal. Smaller camera setups are possible with this configuration, including options such as Arri Alexa, Red Monstro, Zeiss Ultraprimes, Leica R, Zeiss Superspeeds, and Cooke S4 Mini.

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